About the Project

Gemini Journey
Gemini Journey follows titular heroine Gemini, a starry-eyed Atlantean out on her own for the first time as she stumbles through life and adulthood against a backdrop of daily magical mayhem in the contemporary other-world which she lives.

From conquering insecurities while seeking a golden fleece jacket to surviving booby-trapped labyrinths at the local DMV, every day is a hero's journey for Gemini.

This is the passion project of Yesenia Carrero and Tracy MacLauchlan. We created our first concept during our senior year of art college as an animated series pitch to Warner Brothers and Disney XD in 2011.  In 2012 , we started over and revised the concept and our goals entirely. We are now making it a webcomic debuting in 2016.

This blog is our development journal that we started in 2011 with the first version of our concept known as The Taffetas. You can read our past updates and watch us grow, while we post the second of every month about our insights and progress. Check out our tumblr for more sketches, art, update notifications, and fanart.

Stay tuned ...
We appreciate support and comments, so share your thoughts through our blog, facebook, tumblr, or e-mail (tracymaclauchlan@gmail.com), especially if you have questions.
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