July 2016 Update

Hello everyone,
Yesenia writing. Today's post will be short and sweet, covering any admin changes to Gemini Journey and news on our progress.

Our facebook URL has changed to facebook.com/GeminiJourneyComic
Remember to update your bookmarks – or you can always give us a like.

The email, info@thetaffetaspitch.com is no longer in use. You can always comment below, or contact us on our tumblr and/or facebook fan page. Our social media pages have been updated with the new changes.

Comic News
Our first story arc, The Great Barley and Bay-lily Circus, is underway with Tracy and I completing panel 40, which is almost through the first act. As we mentioned last post, our plan is to release the comic starting this fall, uploading the comic to our new website bi-weekly with a group of 4-6 panels.

Concept work: Gemini poses center stage in Barley and Bay-lily's Circus Ring 

We're super excited about it. This is one of tracy's many tweets on our project.

While we work towards uploading our first pages into the Gemini Journey series, we will continue to update our tumblr with mini-comics, illustrations, and fan works from you!

Thank you all for your continued support!
Leave us a comment below or contact us on facebook or tumblr
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