Website and Webcomic Underway

Hello everyone!
Tracy writing.
Today is a progress update. As you may know, we hope to release our official comic later this year, and we're working hard to make that happen!

Yesenia is working on the design of our website (below).

Yesenia's initial homepage design

And I'm still drawing the pencils of the comic. Currently, I've cleaned up a few updates worth of panels, and most of it is still in the roughs.

A rough panel

Updates will likely be small until our release, since we are continuing to work on the same project- and don't want to spoil it!- and then we'll also likely slowly phase out this blog after that. Until then, we will be writing next month about our further progress (and possibly showing off some 3D models I made for the backgrounds).
Thank you all for your continued support! Leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.
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