Here There Be Dragons + Barley & Bay-Llily

Hi all,
This is Tracy speaking.

With the new year comes some exciting new updates. To end the year, we released our first mini comic, Here There be Dragons, as a style and process test for the first installment of Gemini Journey's Official comic. We are also working on character designs for villains in the first story arc, The Great Barley and Bay-Lilly Circus, and are working towards creating the actual comic.

The story follows Gemini as she searches for a job and becomes involved in a mysterious circus .....
Barley and Bay-Lilly are the twin ringmasters.

A small look into some concept work for the ringmasters.

Our mini comic, Here, There Be Dragons,  is available to read on our Tumblr and my Deviant Art. It was a lot of work, but Yesenia and I figured out a process that works for us. As a surprise to me for Christmas, Yesenia even printed it as a softcover book!

Thank you all for your continued support and we hope you had an equally great holiday season! If you wish, leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.

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