Comic Process and Upcoming Teaser

Hello everyone! Tracy writing.

As you know from our previous updates, Yesenia and I are busy working on our first story arc, Barley and Bay-Lily, our second script, working title Sleepover, and our teaser comic for November.

The teaser comic will be released mid-to-late November, with an exact date announced on the 2nd.  Currently in our process, co-creator and colorist Yesenia is working her magic in Illustrator and bringing our characters to life. We're close to finishing the whole thing up, and excited to release it to you.

While you wait, I thought I'd share more about our current process with you all.

Working from our script, I takes a batch of panels from a thumbnail, to a rough, to a cleaned up version for coloring
(final above)

Yesenia takes my lines and colors them in Illustrator.

Yesenia and I work in panels, or frames, rather than full comic pages. This is a choice we've made based on where we want to take the comic and our personal preference.

We think we can manage to release 3-4 panels a week with Barley and Bay-Lily, and hope to refine our process to output even more in the future. We're  excited to better our craft- we'll be imperfect, even crude, at times, but we can only improve from this point and that is a good feeling.

To see more of our work and process, please check out our tumblr, and be sure to check out Yesenia Carrero's Adobe Illustrator videos.

Thank you all for your continued support.  If you wish, leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note
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