Upcoming Teaser Comic

Hello Everyone!

Tracy, co-creator and artist writing. Last update, I mentioned that co-creator Yesenia and I were a little behind schedule because of- well- life and stuff.
We worked hard and now we're back on schedule. Yesenia finished the teaser comic's lettering and I'm cleaning up the roughs for final render.  We've also completed the first draft of the second script, working title Sleepover.

A frame from the teaser comic that will go to color

We're on track for a November release date of this comic, and also expect to have a final draft of Sleepover's script around the same time.

The short teaser comic touches on a common theme we push in Gemini Journey's story: fantasy elements with a humorous, contemporary twist. We hope the comic will be a fun promo for our 2016 launch and an entertaining read for you all.

Sleepover is about Gemini’s first-ever slumber party, where she and her friends enjoy a night of party games, pizza, and chainsaws. When an unexpected guest from Gemini’s past reveals herself, it’s up to the group to decide if this foreign being is friend or foe. 

In addition, you might have noticed our blog banner has changed. Yesenia created and uploaded a new banner for our social media from an earlier sketch I did. We don't want to get into branding too much until our official comic, but Yesenia and I feel that it is too confusing for new viewers to still see The Taffetas title on our social media. This banner of Gemini opening Pandora's box, complete with our new title, is our solution.

Thank you all for your continued support.  If you wish, leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.

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