May/June Progress Update | Promo Comic, Second script, and Barley & Bay-Lily coming up

Hello everyone!
Tracy writing. I hope you're all having a fun Summer. Today's post is a progress update for both May and June, since we missed June 2nd's post because I had just been laid off from my job. We'll be talking about where we are with test comics, a new promo comic in production, and an update on our second script.
Test comics & Promo Comic

Did you catch our third test comic, colored by co-creator Yesenia Carrero? If not, you can view it on our tumblr, along with our behind-the-scene process of my original drawings and Yesenia's vectoring.

A fourth test strip is in the works, and will be our last one in the queue. Yesenia and I decided we got what we needed out of this small side project, and it's time to move on from them. There were going to be a few jokes I was looking forward to fleshing out that touched on the world mechanics during these strips, but I think our next endeavor, a promo comic, is more worthwhile to our end goal, and is something Yesenia and I will enjoy.

The Promo comic is a mini, self-contained story featuring Veil and Gemini and glimpses into their contemporary fantasy world. The comic is in thumbnail form now, currently being roughed out, and I hope to release it by the end of the Summer to help push our first arc, The Great Barley & Bay-Lily Circus, which we will likely dive into earlier than planned. More on that in future updates!

 Some thumbnails

Second Script In Rough Draft

Alongside our comic work, Yesenia is studiously writing our second "episode" script. Like me, she took an online scriptwriting course first, and is now creating her first draft.

The second arc takes place during a sleepover, where she and Sapphire accidentally unleash chaotic magic during a demon summoning. Typical girl stuff.

It's going to be a cute, fun, character study and introduction to most of our main cast. We're excited for it, and we can't wait to share it as a final comic someday.

Thank you all for your continued support.  If you wish, leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.
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