Series Bible, Scripts, Sapphire Updates, and Test Comic Status

Hello Everyone! Tracy updating.
April was a very productive month for us, we managed to complete the rough draft of our series bible, refine our first story arc, and even tweak some character designs. We move into May excited to write scripts, getting ever closer to beginning the comic!

Series Bible and Story Arc Outline 

To refresh, our series bible is intended to be a resource, a rulebook, and a little bit of pitch material. It’s the guide that keeps us on track during execution, with sections for writing style, tone, character bios, analysis, arc details, world rules, and the like. It’s mostly for us, but a lighter version can be used to explain our idea to others.

This month we burned through the rough draft of the series bible. After that, we went through our initial episode ideas from  the 2011 concept refresh and revised them to create an outline of volumes involved in the the first major story arc of Gemini Journey.

We will write the scripts of the first five volumes starting next month.
We haven't yet figured out the due date of this part. Right now, we're a couple of months ahead of schedule, but we're also accounting for some other things going on in our lives. We'll likely have a plan by next post!

Sapphire Updates

When we came out with Sapphire's concept art , I mentioned she wasn't yet where I wanted her to be. I took the initiative this month to play with her character some more from the inside out, and I enjoy the results. She's been evolving over time through Yesenia's and my brainstorming, our test comics, and just by drawing her more. 

You can follow my sketches and thoughts on the Gemini Journey tumblr.

Continuation of the Test Comics
Last update, I announced that the third test comic and beyond will be colored by Yesenia. You can learn more about the test comics on our tumblr

Yesenia finished the third comic artwork in her gorgeous vector style, as you can see in these previews:

As soon as the lettering is finished, the comic will be live on our social media, and then we'll work on the fourth strip in the series, currently in the sketch stage:

What do you think about our progress? Leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.
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