Moving On to Series Bible & Scripts

Hello everyone. Tracy writing. Today’s post will briefly go over what we’ve accomplished this month, changes to our schedule, and a bit about our test comics. 

Series Bible & Scripts
Last post, we discussed we’d spend the next six months on world building. However, we realized that, throughout our time planning this project, we’ve already developed a solid understanding of our setting that can only be pushed by experimentation and organic growth.

 After discussion, Yesenia and I agreed to move forward and complete a preliminary draft to our series bible, and then write a set of scripts.

Our series bible is intended to be a resource, a rulebook, and a little bit of pitch material. It’s the guide that will keep us on track during execution, with sections for writing style, tone, character bios, analysis, arc details, episode ideas, world rules, and the like. It’s mostly for us, but a lighter version can be used to explain our idea to others.

So, the next month or two we will create the rough draft of our series bible, which includes going back to our episode and series ideas from the start of our concept revamp, and reworking some of them. Then we’ll move on to writing scripts, which also crosses over into our execution phase for 2016. Once we’ve completed 3-5 scripts, we’ll go back and refine details in our series bible based on what worked once it was on paper and what didn’t. We’ll create final concept artwork for their world from there- major places our characters visit often, perhaps a map of the city Gemini lives in, and then we’ll create content.

Continuation of the Test Comics

With two down so far and another on the way, we're finding these strips a fun way for us to practice for 2016. The third comic and beyond will even be vectored by Yesenia in our intended lineless style to streamline our art collaboration. You can learn more about the test comics on our tumblr.

What do you think about our progress? Leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note
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