Concept Wrap-Up, Schedule, and Test Comics

Hello everyone, Tracy writing.
In today's post, I'll outline our 2015 schedule and recap our progress this month.

2015 Goals and Schedule 
2015 is our concept wrap-up and content preparation year.
The beginning of this year we will finish character concepts, then cement our world by populating it with layouts, background concept art, writing, research, and world rules. We will end the year with content preparation which includes cleaning up of our social media (with the title change, you'll see this slowly changing throughout the year to match that, as well), creating our new pitch book, writing the second episode script, and beginning art for the comic. We'll write more about each portion as we are immersed in those sections.

We're also working smart this year. At every turn we're trying to define what's truly necessary to work on and/or define, so as to get to the point of what we're doing faster and move on to content. We want to streamline our process so as to move into 2016 telling  our story.

January's Progress
January through March is about finishing character concepts. We've decided to forgo secondary character art in lieu of a brief description instead, and defined our remaining important characters to flesh out and draw. 

Concept character lineups, including Argyle's concept (Left) and some silhouette thoughts on Sapphire and Elena (right characters)

I spent part of January defining Argyle, Veil's stepbrother, as a main character in our story. After time away and some reflection, Argyle's importance decreased. While still an interesting and conflict-causing personality, he does not bring a big enough point to the overarching theme of Gemini Journey, and often crosses over with our siren, Elena, too much when he does. We've decided he's best left in secondary character status.

So, instead of Argyle, I started work on a newly added character, our main villain:

so cute!

For some background, Gemini Journey is not intended to be an epic. It's about if normal life was a fantastical hero's journey, where everyday things like finding your socks, or getting a job, or filing taxes entailed magical mayhem and hero's quests.

The show is about our heroine's growth as a person externalized through villains and adventurous conflicts, not about saving the world.
As such, though we have fun character arcs to explore as our continuing plot, we are a little bit villain-of-the-week in our episode to episode approach, and I've wanted a conflict "thread" to carry the story through a bit more.

This character has been in gestation for a few months and is finally appearing in concept art, as a 'main' and reoccurring villain.  She's a mysterious impish goo monster unknown to their world, taking the form of Gemini's childhood toy. She is quite attached to Gemini and causes trouble both benign and dangerous whenever she shows up, leaving Gemini wondering: What does she want from her and where does this creature come from?

She'll be in concept until next update. Below are preliminary concept work.

Don't Forget to Follow our other Social Media
Did you catch the release of our first test comic on our tumblr?  Be sure to watch our tumblr or Facebook for updates throughout the year on this side endeavor. The second strip is prepped to release this month and you don't want to miss it!

What do you think of our new villain? Are you excited to see more comics?
Leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.
Thanks everyone!

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