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February is behind us and we're on schedule. As of this post we are now officially closing the character concept stage with the final pieces of art for our concept book:

Top: Sapphire, the fun-loving gargoyless, Bottom: WibWob (toy and goo version)

This is a large milestone for us! Gemini Journey revolves around character-based plots and so cementing who these players are, and why they exist in our story, represents how far we've come with the overhaul of what was once The Taffetas. It is our understanding of our intended tone, setting, and plot that allowed us to finish these concepts.

Gemini through the years, 2010 - present incarnation 

Still, these characters will be ever-evolving as we delve deeper into details with our upcoming scripts and content. The important thing is we have clear direction and solid bases to work with. 

Sapphire and Veil sketch drawn for Halloween 2014

Side Characters
I mentioned last post that to streamline our concept production so we can get to story content more quickly, Yesenia and I gutted unnecessary preliminary work. This includes abstaining to create artwork of side characters. So, for now, we've decided to simply create the written descriptions of the different characters Gemini may meet in her adventures. These writings will be released in our concept book at the end of 2015 as they will likely go hand in hand with our next step in our schedule.

The Next Step: World-Building 
These last few years included world building in the mix already. We know quite a bit about where Gemini lives. But, these next months we want to focus on our setting so as to establish suspension of disbelief, create opportunities for unique plots, and live up to our intended tone of contemporary fantasy.

"Causes of acne include backup of bacteria, overproduction of oil, and jealous hexes. Please contact your healer immediately if you think you have boils, as this may be a serious sign of biblical plague."

We plan to be on setting research and concept work for the next six months; the first three months are devoted to research and writing and the last three months will be dedicated to concept art.
We will focus the most on these details, ordered from perceived importance:
  • The "Rules" of the World : Namely, how magic works and why. How technology interacts. As these elements are the most crucial to our foreseeable story-lines.
  •  Locations : Places we know our characters frequent (their apartments, coffee shops, work places, etc.) , and a general outline or map of other districts/'neighborhoods/areas to explore in-depth later.
  • Societal :  General overview on any standout information on societal norms, such as taboos, races, religions, and community services (police, health, etc.)
  •   Zoology : The unique creatures and plants that exist (and maybe infest) this world
We will trust that as we produce the scripts, that their world, like our characters, will evolve organically from of the strong groundwork we lay in this concept stage. 

 What do you think about our progress? Leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note

Thanks everyone!


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