2014 reflective and 2015+

Hello! Our project is off to a good 2015 kickoff with us feeling excited and energized. Today's post is about what's going on with us, a 2014 reflective, plans for 2015, and a preview of updates to come.

But before I begin,
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 Scroll down to the "2015 and Beyond" section for a more detailed explanation about our title change, but for now, let me talk about:

What's going on with us

 Co-creator Yesenia and I spent November through December tending to our personal lives, as I mentioned in November 2nd's post. Now, we're ready to get back into routine, which means making time for our project again. We appreciate everyone's patience.

2014 Reflective - researching, concept and writing
2014 was a great year for our project, conceptually. We did research, tweaked details, and took a writing class.

We hit the books this year

Artistically, output was so-so, but our art is currently tied to concept, and so it makes sense that drawing was on hold as we took time to gather new information and create new ideas.

For instance, I mentioned feeling like we hadn't pushed Sapphire's character enough by the time I completed her concept art. So, we explored her personality after-the-fact, with more hopeful results, but it delayed working on Argyle and his concept art.

Sapphire became more bold and hammy, someone fun and independent.

We did this for a lot of character details and setting elements this year, behind-the-scenes to our visual art output. These details help solidify our characters and world, and allows us to create more in-depth, realistic, and passionate story content.

Even our central characters had tweaks, like Veil, whose job once again changed for our concept.

We also took a trip to New York City to better understand where we imagine our characters live, and yes- it is definitely a New York-like area. Physically being there made our characters' daily lives more tangible to us than looking at pictures from where we live and feeling wishy-washy about what geographical location to base their surrounding in.

We'll see this research play a huge role as we draw concept art for the setting later this year. Research and concept work is an extremely important part of our process that I feel is due its acknowledgement despite its behind-the-scenes nature. This time we spend, almost endlessly, seeking inspiration both at the library and in the outside world is a part of our project and it is hard work, but worth it for how much more concrete our story becomes.

It's also worth noting how HUGE it is that we finished our pilot episode script
. We locked it down after several revised versions and many critiques from wonderful beta-readers. We wrote the first draft through an online screenwriting class we took for some weeks, where we learned better storytelling skills and gained tools necessary to bring our project to life.

Other accomplishments in 2014 include: Yesenia's vector tutorial, Sapphire's concept art, Veil's vectored art, and a ton of sketch content for our tumblr.

2015 and Beyond - Concept completion, second episode script, and comic content
It's difficult to make goals for 2015 without acknowledging the uncertainty of accomplishing them. In November's post, I felt confident about having more time to spend on the project, but after two months away, I am less so. Without delving into our personal lives too much, there are a few major things that we're just not sure will be stable and it is difficult to gauge how much of an output we can expect now. With that in mind, we want to finish the concept book, with concept art and all, write our second episode script, and start comic content this year.  

We will work towards making it happen, regardless of our barriers. We're going to sit down this week and figure out our new Work-Life-Gemini Journey schedule, and more about what we honestly feel we can do in 12-month's time. I will post this new schedule by next update.

Speaking of, we'll remain on a monthly update schedule here on the blog, writing about our progress every 2nd of every month (at least for now).

And, We still have more coming up in 2015.

If you follow us on tumblr or my personal Deviantart you've already caught scent of this, but in case you haven't, or were unsure:  The Taffetas will kick off 2015 by its new title, Gemini Journey.

Another one of our researched concepts and tweaks from 2014, this new name reflects our story better than our current working title, The Taffetas, which is from a previous version of our concept. This new title tells us who the main character is, Ms. Gemini Journey, and serves as a cutesy-sounding double meaning about the plot.

So, another goal of 2015 will be updating our social media, links, and branding to reflect this change.
Be sure to update your bookmarks of this blog to gemini-journey.blogspot.com !!!

We also have some some light strip comics to share casually with you throughout this coming year, before the official story is released. The purpose of this side endeavor is one-part personal- namely, to just let go and have fun with our characters- and one-part a way to experiment for the first episode comic content. We hope you'll enjoy these silly previews as they are released. Be sure to watch for them on my personal Deviantart or our official Tumblr.
 A preview of strip comic project panels

As always, thank you all for sticking with us as we've developed this story. It is your support and thoughtful comments that keeps us going.

Please let us know what you think about our 2014 progress, our title change, and 2015 goals in a comment below or contact us through facebook or tumblr, and we hope you all have a safe, fun, and productive new year. Thanks!
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