2015 Goals and Format Changes

Hello all. Tracy here writing today about our 2015 goals and some changes to our project.

2015 Goals
It’s hard to believe another year is already coming at us. 2015 will be an important year for our project: it is the year we will start content. Yes, you heard right. We will wrap up our concepts with the last character art and world-building art, and sometime in mid to late 2015 we’ll release story content based on the pilot episode script I finished the final draft of.

I will have more time opening up this new year to focus on our project than I have. Whereas since 2011 Yesenia and I have only been able to ask of ourselves to meet a certain amount of hour criteria a month, this new change will allow me to set hard deadlines for myself every week or two weeks, and meet them.

That said, this month Yesenia and I came to a compromise on something: the format of our to-be content.

Changes to Format

If you follow my personal Deviantart, you already know where this is going as this has been the big topic for our project in October.

After much research, debate, and thought, we’ve decided to present our project as a media webcomic, something in the layout of colored storyboards with animated short intervals and gif frames.

We’re doing this for several reasons:

  • We can upload a steady stream of content to you all
  • Quality of individual drawings will be higher
  • Workload will be more manageable for us
  • We will get the story out sooner, faster
  • We can still animate certain scenes and build up to full shorts later
A thoughtful commenter this month said the media of our project’s future should be determined by what we wanted out of it most. We’ve decided that presenting you all with our story sooner, faster, and more consistently is what is driving us at this point, and we can get our animation wants met with animated intervals, gif frames, and eventually building up to shorts later. We sincerely hope you all following us understand this new direction.

At least, this is where we’re headed right now. We're going to finish the concept art early next year, and then I plan to take a storyboarding and sequential art class/mentorship as I begin creating our content as I want to make our opening the best I can possibly make it.

Coming Up…

There will be no update for December 2014 as Yesenia and I take care of things in our lives throughout November and December, but this should be the last update missed for some time.

In our January 2015 update we’ll announce:
  • Further plans
  • What’s going on in our lives
  • Another big change to our project

I am entered in the GIPHY sticker contest with my creation, Andi Acorn. I would appreciate if you all took some time to VOTE FOR ME, you can vote as many times as you like so just a lot of clicking would mean the world to me. If I get enough votes or get noticed by a judge to get in the second round, I can compete for grand prize by creating a sticker set with Andi and some of his friends, like Acrid:


Thanks everyone, I'm excited to update in January and to push our project in 2015. I look forward to your thoughts and comments about today's update below in the comments section, on tumblr, or our facebook.

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