Pilot : 1st Draft FINISHED

Hello Everyone!
This is Yesenia speaking, back from my much needed vacation and ready to give you updates.

Since our last post, the pilot episode's first draft has been finished. YES! We are hoping to have it fine-tuned by next post, and a sample excerpt available to the public to read. As development continues, we will be testing our storytelling and visual development capabilities, our character writing skills, and of course, audience reception.

For those who missed it, here's a quick synopsis:

When a mysterious circus comes to visit, Gemini jumps at the chance to ditch her responsibilities and have some fun. However, she is so enchanted by the circus’s performance that she puts off her job hunting to come back again … and again … and again. But when Veil is cursed to be the next main act, Gemini must fight the spell to save her friend.

Leave your thoughts in a comment below or contact us through facebook or tumblr! Thanks guys!
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