Sapphire the Fun-Loving Gargoyless

Sapphire's concept is finished! Well, on my end anyway (Tracy writing!)- Yesenia still has to vector my images, which we will post when she gets back from vacation (more on that later).

We're excited to present the new Sapphire. She is Gemini’s fun-loving gargoyless BFF who encourages her to express herself and let loose, but sometimes goes too far. She’s tough, feminine, and a little weird, though she’ll never admit to that last part.

Sapphire changed a lot during her concept overhaul, and in my opinion, is still changing. I'd like to push her into an even more expressive, 'id'-like character during production. That is not to say I'm not happy with where we are- we worked hard to to find her purpose in the story and fleshed (sculpted?) her out all over again. You can read about our progress with her in our past post, Sapphire Underway.

Coming up will be some new Facebook header images and talk of our new title (finally, we have one!), and then I will move on to concept overhauling Veil's stepbrother, Argyle.

I should also mention Argyle is the last of the major characters to concept before we move on to minor characters who won't have as much detailing to do. We're so close!

After that, sometime in the Fall, we'll see these Sapphire images vectored by Yesenia. She'll be on vacation for most of the Summer so I will be solely running our social media until then. Be sure to watch us on tumblr if you aren't yet, and ask me any questions you have about our project!

What do you think about Sapphire so far? Leave your thoughts in a comment below or contact us through facebook or tumblr! Thanks guys!
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