Art Progress & Upcoming Vector Demo

Hello Everyone!
Tracy writing! Today is a progress update on Sapphire's art and an official announcement about Yesenia Carrero's upcoming Intermediate Adobe Illustrator Tutorial.

Sapphire's Art
Last month, I posted some rough sketches to Sapphire's concept art. I started cleaning them up to get ready to be vectored, and finished her first image:

I still have to create an image of her interaction with the main characters, which visually exemplifies some of the character conflicts we can explore for story material. I may also re-do her second image for a better pose than what my sketches are, currently.

Upcoming Intermediate Vector Demonstration
Yesenia Carrero is the final rendering artist for this project and does amazing, complex vector images from my drawings.

Thanks to all of your responses on Tumblr, Facebook, and Deviantart, Yesenia is going ahead with it. She promises to explain her process vectoring our Taffetas concept art:

I'll be mostly going over:
  • Soft Shading In Ai and how I handle light sources and blushes
  • Masking and grouping elements
  • Easy Line-work Tricks - and how to get nice Thick-Thins
  • My general process, favorite shortcuts, and misc tips along the way

The demo is intended for users who can use the program well, and wont be going over commonly used tools.
It will instead tackle my process, and how I get over problems like blending, line-art, and lighting.

We are setting a *tentative* release date of June 2nd. It will be a recorded video demo, since we did not get much interest to make it a livestream. You can still chime in if there are any questions you would like answered in Yesenia's tutorial by commenting below or e-mailing us!

We also love sharing our knowledge with you all. If there any other tutorial or insight from either Yesenia or myself that you would like to see the future, or you just have comments on how we're doing, let us know below or through Facebook, tumblr, or e-mail.
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