Sapphire Underway

Hello Everyone!
This is Tracy writing today's monthly update. With Elena and Veil's art finished (save for the final final pass on the Elena-Veil picture), we made good progress developing Gemini's spunky and cool gargoyless BFF, Sapphire.

Previously,  Sapphire was sassy and level-headed, but we felt the collected way which she carried herself made her too similar to Veil, and didn’t fit her high-concept role in our story. Sapphire is like the 'id' side to Gemini, someone who acts as a pushing force towards self-expression and independence. This is meant to be in opposition to Veil, who acts as a guide to self-control and selflessness (you can imagine they don't get along!).

In this new version, Sapphire wears her emotions on her sleeve in an it’s-all-about-me-get-over-it attitude. She’s tough, feminine, and a little weird, though she’ll ever concede to that last part.

Design-wise Yesenia and I have been working on adding in those quirks through pose. We're already happy with the triangle and heart shapes in her design and the touch of built, blocky texture, so we're focusing on making her new personality show with more dynamic gestures which come across angular and strong, to contrast Veil's uptight vertical posing with a hint of passiveness.

This coming month, I'm going to make some more Sapphire drawings, including one of her interacting with our cast. You can follow our work and see more sketches and thoughts as we create them through our tumblr!

So what do you think about Sapphire so far? Leave your thoughts in a comment below or contact us through facebook or tumblr! Thanks guys!
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