Early Febuary Update

Hello Everyone!
This is Yesenia speaking, updating you with our in-progress artwork. While Tracy and I are in an unsteady transition period, we still kept up with finishing The Taffetas artwork for Veil.

Below are the completed Veil images.

Now complete, Tracy and I will move on to our side characters, Elena (who has some completed artwork), Sapphire, Eschewal, Wolf, Tom, and others to complete the characters section in our page. As a recap, here are some of the side character designs we have completed, along with a brief description. 

Elena: an awkward young Siren who works as a barista in Veil’s favorite coffee shop. What she lacks in people skills, she plans to make up for with her budding powers of persuasion.

Sapphire: Gemini’s best friend (and sometimes worst enemy). A gargoyless, dramatist, and wannabe model, she lives with her hundreds of cousins where she acts as matriarch and landlord. She loves to party and let loose, and is fiercely loyal to her family.

Wolf: an artistic Wulver renting a room in Sapphire’s house. He can be strange and a bit gross, especially when his canine instincts take over, but Gemini befriends him through their mutual love of food and baking.

Tom: a geeky, anti-conservationist dryad and single parent of three. Tom is Veil’s co-worker and only friend, and on occasion acts as a mentor to Gemini and Veil.

Eschewal: Veil’s coddled older stepbrother who makes a living as a journalist and social activist. Cute, adventurous, and everything Veil is not, he and Gemini make quite the pair – and he knows it.

It will be a blast getting to flesh out the rest of our cast of characters. We will start with those above and move on to the rest as our pitch needs them. In the meantime, your continued support, thoughts and critiques are always welcome! If you would like to ask any questions let us know here on the blog, our facebook fan-page, or by e-mailing us at info@thetaffetaspitch.com.
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