Pilot Preview!

Hello everyone! Tracy Writing!
By this update, our pilot script is near completion (plot synopsis and details in this update post!), and I'm  excited to show you an excerpt of my in-progress writing:

>> Download the Preview <<

You can leave us your thoughts and critiques below, on facebook, through tumblr, or e-mail.

 Currently, Yesenia and I think we just need to do one or two more drafts to complete the writing. After that, we are still working towards our immediate goal of completing our series concept work, and I will get back to art for Argyle, Veil's stepbrother, soon. 

Next update we have a big change to our project to announce. A change which we hope you all will like and support.

 But until next time, I thank you all for following us as we progress on this project, and thank you for your well-wishes and kind, thoughtful comments!


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