The Future of Our Project

Happy 2014!
This is Tracy writing about our reflection on 2013, our plans for 2014, and a look at our current progress.

2013 was difficult, but we did a lot.
We didn't complete what we expected to this year, but this does not mean our accomplishments aren't noteworthy. With three out of five main characters updated, the last two underway, a new tumblr layout, an insight post, the majority of the winter prizes taken care of or being taken care of, and tons of research poured into the project, we’re happy with our output.

Those who follow us closely know that Yesenia and I are working-artists by day, and Taffetas is a passion project we produce on evenings and weekends. Finding a balance between work, Taffetas, and life is difficult to say the least. 2013 felt like a struggle of constantly trying to find that balance, and not always succeeding!

We appreciate the time and patience everyone gives us on the project- our fans waiting to see more than just drawings, our blog followers, and our 2012 prize winners. Thank you, thank you ALL for sticking with us and encouraging us. Our project is fueled by your well-wishes.

2014 is uncertain, but Taffetas is a given.
Our goals for 2014 are:
• Finish the character updates and concept drawings
• Update our Facebook & Blogger
• Commission Concept/Background artist for “World” illustrations
• Update our written concept

Last post, Yesenia mentioned that there are big changes coming up in our careers and life. We are moving out of our apartment by March, and our future isn’t clear.

But, we will always work on this project

Currently, Yesenia is vectoring Veil for our pitch book.
Since last update, she finished the bicycle image!:

I completed the leading New Year’s image above, and am still researching and developing Sapphire. Keep an eye on our tumblr for sketches to be posted!

Thank you all!
If you would like to ask any questions let us know here on the blog, our facebook fan-page, or by e-mailing us at
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