Update November 2-2013 : Veil Vectors, Sapphire Research

Hello! Tracy writing.
Today marks the first post of our new update schedule. We now post our progress every 2nd of the month!
Last update, I showed off my drawings for Veil’s concept art. These images aren’t the final versions though, and co-creator and illustrator/designer Yesenia Carrero is busy at work tweaking and vectoring them. She already released one of the vectored Veil images on tumblr.

Like Gemini and Elena's images before, Yesenia not only fixes things from my original images (like, in this case, we decided to reduce the size of Veil's feet for final concept),  but she is also lays down early exploration work for our proposed style. Personally, I'm excited for what she comes up with. The use of shapes, shading, and sparse lines is fantastic!

Yesenia and I are simultaneously concepting for Sapphire, Gemini’s gargoyless BFF, which includes visual and written research. Yesenia has already pulled together some great visual inspiration for Sapphire.
Images for research purposes only

…and I still have to do mine. But, this was my last two weeks:
I am researching gargoyles, fairies, and elves (and other miscellaneous creatures as I happen across them). Research is on-going, but since I hit the books hard this past month, I’ve learned a lot of information that will lend some inspiration to our fictional cultures and characters, especially as we draw closer to defining our world and writing our pilot episode!
 Your continued support, thoughts and critiques are always appreciated! If you have any questions let us know here on the blog, our facebook fan-page, or by e-mailing us at info@thetaffetaspitch.com

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