Progress, Insight Posts, Update Schedule Changes, and a T-shirt

Hello Everyone! 
Tracy writing. Today I have I have a few topics to discuss, including an update on our progress, a recap of your response to our last insight post with a call for ideas of what YOU would have us write about, a change to our update schedule, and something fun: the first ever Taffetas t-shirt.

Our Progress 
 I have 2/3 of Veil's art done! This week I completely redid one of the two images I already finished, in order to make it better. I'm excited to share, and I have one more image to go to complete his set.

A peek at Veil's set

Re: Sharing Your IP Online
Thank you all for your positive feedback on our last insight post, Sharing Your IP Online! We are glad Yesenia's writing reaffirmed your own conclusions, provided helpful copyright law overview, and/or was a push to start sharing work online. We're grateful to all of you who contacted us about the post with thoughts or questions, and to those who shared it with their friends.

We enjoy writing insight posts and are happy you like them, too. Just like Sharing Your IP Online, In our past posts, Yesenia and I wrote about what we personally learned about Character Creation, Finding the Heart of our Story, and Reseaching, to name a few.

This is because, while our blog is meant to be a progress tracker and checkpoint for Yesenia and I, it is also a means to share our journey step-by-step, and talk about what we've learned with the rest of you. We'd like to continue writing insight posts throughout the process of working on the project.

 Are there any topics that you would like us to discuss in a future insight post? Let us know through e-mail, commenting below, or leaving us a message on tumblr or Facebook

Change to Update Schedule
Beginning Wednesday, October 2nd, this production blog will update ONCE A MONTH, on the 2nd of every month, instead of every other Wednesday.  It is my hope that the new schedule will free up some time Yesenia and I would spend worrying about the extra post.

Us, updating the blogger twice a month.

Us, updating the blogger once a month.

Our tumblr will continue to post casually.

Taffetas T-Shirt 
Finally, co-creator Yesenia Carrero created the first ever Taffetas T-shirt using some professional tools she has light access to. She chose to use a recent Veil and Gemini image I created:

How cool is that?! 

Your continued support, thoughts and critiques are always appreciated! If you have any questions let us know here on the blog, our facebook fan-page, or by e-mailing us at

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