Update 7/24/13 : Third Prize, Veil's Art, & Portfolio

Hello All!
Tracy writing. Today's post is a general update on our progress since last time.

My Progress
I finished the third place prize from our Winter Contest of doomed-dreamer's character, Vihni:

This leaves second place and grand prize for me to do, with the second prize next on my queue. You can check my to-do list at any time to see where I am in my work.

I am also excited that I have a footing on Veil's concept art again.
I started to ink two of his poses, but I've yet to tackle the new "piggyback" drawing since receiving warm critique from followers and friends on my tumblr. Thank you to those who responded!

 I'm going to make this so much better!

Near Future Plans
My goal is to have the two poses I mentioned inked and colored, ready for Yesenia's vector by the end of this month. This will leave the "piggyback" drawing to spill over into early August (which puts me behind my imposed schedule a bit, but I did take an unexpected week-and-a-half hiatus this month).

August will be a busy month for Yesenia and I, though. A piece of mine was selected to appear in an exhibition, and so I am invited to an opening award ceremony/gala in September. On top of that, Yesenia and I purchased reservations for Midoricon in Ohio- just as con-goers, no table - also in September. As such, I  am motivated to get a new demo reel, portfolio, and website finished for these potential networking opportunities. I am expecting that the time to develop my portfolio and branding will take away some time on Taffetas, but I will do my best to stay on track and update everyone accordingly!

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