No Update This Week- Back From Hiatus/Vacation

Hello All,
Tracy here. There will be no progress post this week because I took an unexpected hiatus from the project for a week-and-a-half! I went on vacation, riding the long Independence Day weekend, to visit my parents, and although I usually stress to use vacations from my day job as Taffetas-work time,  I decided I needed a break from the project altogether.

Having had a while to breathe without worrying about self-imposed deadlines and pressures of working creatively while already creatively exhausted, I can say that I feel rejuvenated

As with any long project, my- and our (Yesenia's and my)- inspiration for Taffetas waxes and wanes, but part of doing something great is just sticking with it even when you don't feel like it anymore. That said, there are also moments when you really need time away.

Creatively renewed, I look forward to producing more work for next update - more of Veil's concept art to come!

In the meantime, Thank you all for being so supportive, it is truly all of you who read this blog, comment on the work, and follow our progress who pick me up when I can't take a vacation.

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