Update 06/26/13

Why hello there!
This is Yesenia Speaking.
Today’s post focuses on Tracy’s artwork and on more of the changes to our social channels.

Working on the Artwork
Tracy is hard at work polishing up the Veil sketches in order to ink and color them.
Most of the sketches are tight enough to be passed onto this stage with the exception of one that is pending critique.

All the while, Tracy is also exploring the side characters Eschewal and Sapphire.

Changes to the blog and Facebook.

Last post, I mentioned some things that I needed to fix on our social channels, like making the information consistent in all 3 channels. My attention will now be placed on getting a character bio page for Gemini, Elena, Veil, and the other characters as we complete them.

Any help is appreciated!
How do you like the newest look to our characters?
Is there anything on our blog, tumblr, or facebook you want changed or find confusing?
Send us any critiques or comments by writing below, or through our tumblr, facebook, or by emailing us at info@thetaffetaspitch.com.
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