Update 6/12/13

Hello everyone!
This is Yesenia speaking. These last two weeks were a doozy- trying to fit Taffetas work between getting my teeth pulled and celebrating my birthday (Thank you to everyone who wished me a speedy recovery and a happy birthday), but after spending a little more than a week recooperating, great friends & and a bit too much icecream cake, I am happy to get back into the swing of things again.
Still smiling from all the sweet food and sweet people tho

Today's post is a small one, mostly focusing on the artwork Tracy's creating and the upcoming fixes to our social channels.
An Update to Veil - continued...
Our last post highlighted a lot of the pre-work that Tracy did in order to explore Veil's structure and posing. Continuing along that mindset, Tracy developed a solid pose for the pitch book and some pretty cute expressions along the way.

One of the critiques we ran into with Veil when we first pitched him was that he came off too harsh and villainous.
As Tracy continues to adjust his proportions, and explore his expressions and design, we found he's become a lot more likable...which we want!
 I like to imagine this is our rating system.
Somewhere 3/4's of the way down is where we like Veil

Tiny Tweaks to Facebook and Blogger
Some time ago a massive overhaul of our tumblr was made, editing the layout and design to fit The Taffetas look. Keeping in stride with updating one of our social channels small parts of the Facebook and blogger will be changing in the next few days. 

While a lot of little things will change here or there, some things you can expect:
  • Edits to our information sections in all our channels -keeping things consistant
  • Edits to links and interface within blogger
  • A Character Bio Page - (characters added we complete the artwork)
  • Edits to our Facebook Tabs
  • & misc minor bug fixes overall

Feedback plz
What are some things that you would to see updated or worked on? How do you feel about Veil? Send us and critiques, comments or questions by writing below, or through our tumblr, facebook, or by emailing us at info@thetaffetaspitch.com.
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