Tumblr Layout Update

Hello Everyone!

Tracy writing. Today Yesenia and I are proud to present our revamped tumblr! We updated the layout and the added information about our project for newcomers. There is also a mobile version of the tumblr now that should work nicely on your smart phones.

Let us know if you find any bugs or broken links, and don't be shy to talk to us there! We also reblog fanwork there, so be sure to tag your Taffetas-related fanwork as #veil-and-gmini or #The Taffetas.

What is our tumblr for?
Our tumblr is an informal peek at the art we develop for the pitch. We post things you aren't likely to see here on our production blog, including more behind-the-scenes looks, such as posts showing Yesenia's vectors and more developmental sketches from me.

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