Update & future changes

Hello Everyone,
This is Yesenia. Today’s post is going to be a quick update on our progress as well as some changes to our social media that you should see implemented in the upcoming weeks.

An Update:
Both Tracy and I have been making steady progress as we finish up the last of Elena and move towards our other characters.

The Near Future:
For the next couple of weeks, while Tracy continues to work on character development and illustration, I am going to shift my focus to our social outlets.

Some of the changes you can expect to see are:
  • A tumblr homepage that better reflects our show - super excited about this one
  • Updated information on Facebook account
  • Some minor fixes to our blogger page
  • & (if time willing) some updated images and links
As these things change, I will post about them in the reflected social channel, so -hopefully- there will be no big surprises.

Keep an eye on our tumblr for our latest’s illustrations and sketches. I hope you like the upcoming changes to our social sites! Feel free to tell me ideas, critiques, and thoughts in our comments below or on our facebook page.
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