Elena Concept

Elena is an awkward young Siren who works as a barista in Veil’s favorite coffee shop. What she lacks in people skills, she plans to make up for with her budding powers of persuasion.

Hello Everyone! Tracy Writing
Here are the concept drawings of Elena, for the upcoming pitch book! I worked on her design alongside Veil and finished her drawings this past week with Yesenia's help. Although these images look fairly final, this isn't the last step to our illustration process as Yesenia will now take these pieces and vector them, like she did for Gemini.

What are your thoughts, readers? Do you think Elena is going to be your favorite character? I know she is one of mine!

Next up is Veil! Don't forget to keep an eye on our tumblr for updates and sketches, and feel free to tell me what you think in our comments below or on our facebook page.
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