Veil and Elena Progress

Tracy, co-creator and current artist writing.                                                                                    
 Last Post I mentioned I was a little behind on my end of the artwork for our concept/pitch book, but today looks more hopeful that I'm back on track! Yay!                  

 Since last I posted about my art progress, I've managed to clean up the drawing of Elena and Veil that we'll use as part of Elena's page in the book (bottom image). I've yet to ink the other Elena sketches, and I am going to have to edit and clean up the other Veil sketches in order for Yesenia to finalize them. It's still a lot of work, but as I keep repeating to myself over and over- once these guys are done it's just two more characters to extensively flesh out visually and then I'm done!

almost. kinda...okay, not really, but I'll be mostly done with the character drawings.

 Some early concept work for Veil's step-brother, Eschewal

Besides that, I am also sketching expressions for these guys (above, right) for their pages in our book.

 With our trip to Orlando to attend Megacon coming up next week, it's unlikely I'll have much more than the expressions by next update, but I'm sure we'll have plenty to report from the convention!

Cleaned up Elena interacting with Veil. 
You can view the rough sketch on my tumblr.  
I promise I'll add in a chair ASAP @_@

Thank you all, and have a great March!

Your continued support, thoughts and critiques are always appreciated! If you have any questions let us know here on the blog, our facebook fan-page, or by e-mailing us at
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