Near Future Plans/What We are Working On

Hello everyone,
This is Yesenia, apologizing for the late update!

Today’s post is going to highlight our plans for the next couple of weeks, going over what we want to have completed for the pitchbook, what we have completed, and some of things we are working on right now.

Near Future Plans
Tracy and I discussed how to approach next coming month and a half, as we both get ready to head to Orlando, Florida for Mega-Con (I am going to be doing my first artist alley along with a close friend, Dana Corrigan, who runs Fate Saga).

We decided to focus on completing Veil and Elena's concept art before then. Ideally we will try to shoot for Sapphire as well. Once all character concepts are done, we can collaborate with other artists again to complete the rest of the pitch!

What We Are Working On Now
We are working towards getting things off our plates in order to heavily focus on our pitch again. Work, life, and getting ready for the upcoming convention have kept us busy.

We are also plugging away on our prizes from our winter contest. The last update spotlighted the winners. The monetary prizes are sent and my charms from my etsy shop, Whale  Feathers, are in the mail, save for one I will get to this weekend. Tracy is completing her prize list as well, of which the first completed one,  An illustration for Jay Miller, can be found on her tumblr.

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