Contest Winners and Updates

Hello Everyone,
This is Yesenia. I hope everyone had a great winter holiday! Today’s post will feature the winners of our winter contest that ran on deviantart, some of the things we accomplished over the last couple of days, and some short-term plans for the future.

Taffetas Winter Contest:
The Taffetas Winter Contest concluded, and we are proud to feature the winners below:

Grand Prize Winner - Jill Dyxhoorn
Queen of the Winter Night
The Popular Winner - Jay Miller
In the Palm of Her Hand
2nd Place - Kelsey Wooley
Taffetas Winter Fun
3rd Place - Doomed Dreamer
Gemini's Gingerbread Ship
Christmas Shoes by ~LOYProject
Honorable Mention
The Taffetas by ~ATeenageWitchling
Honorable Mention
Aren’t they amazing? You can see the all the entries on our facebook gallery or +fav them through our DeviantArt collection. I feel like a bit of a broken record, but we are appreciative of all the people who participated in this contest. It felt like Christmas morning, getting all those artworks!

Accomplishments over the Break:
As for the pitch book, Tracy and I made some headway with the concept art. We completed Gemini and finalized her illustrations, like so:

Tracy also re-worked her Veil poses and continues to finalize the sketches. You can view her progress on her tumblr or our sporadically updated sketch blog. I think they are coming along so nicely too!

I can't wait until they're inside the pitchbook alongside Gemini
Once completed, we will focus our attention on Elena, so expect to see art of her soon!

If there are any questions or comments please feel free to leave them here, or contact us by email, or through our facebook. Thanks!
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