The Taffetas 2012 review and 2013 plan

 Hi everyone! Tracy here.

Today's post is our last post until the New Year! It's crazy to think another year is almost behind us! A lot happened in 2012, both in co-creator Yesenia's and my own life, and with our project. I am writing about this year in review, what to look out for 2013, and also a reminder about our winter contest.

2012 In Review
Between moving three times, applying to and starting our new job, we managed to completely overhaul our concept and complete all the writing for our new pitch. This was a difficult process, we had to drop a lot of dear ideas and the revisions seemed endless (even now, we can still spruce up some things), but thanks to all of your help and support we are much happier with our story now. I am most proud of this accomplishment.

Since the completion of our writing, we've moved on to concept art to use in our pitch book, which includes drawing out our proposed characters and then trying to render them in the style we want for our show.

For my part, I still have a lot of drawing ahead of me and there is some hold up on my production for personal reasons, but I'm holding out that after Christmas my productivity will increase again.

All the while, we're still moving forward with everything. Yesenia is doing a great job vectoring my concept images so far and we continue to tweak our style. We've posted style tests earlier, but to be honest this process is still on-going:

We liked the direction of our last tests but we're leaning back again on something a bit more like our old style in order to bring back more detail in the final render of the work, which will hopefully skew our look more towards our intended audience.

 Plans for 2013
The finish line for our pitch book is in sight, so we're also preparing for production - that is, the creation of video content based on our show's premise. Yesenia and I took some screenwriting classes, and aside from my duties as artist, I'm also researching authoring a pilot episode.

This is going to be me in a few weeks
The script, at the very least, will be completed this year, which means we're going to start reaching out to our Voice Actors and VA hopefuls. I am so touched that our volunteer VAs are as patient with us as they are, and I just really want to thank all of you again.

Aside from video content, there is of course the main purpose of our pitch book- to pitch. We will seek out funding and distribution opportunities in late 2013 with everything we've done so far.

We may also seek out a producer and a production assistant to help us organize and communicate with everyone. I will post more details if and when we decide to do this, but if anyone is interested in helping us in these areas, drop us a line at

The Taffetas winter Contest
As a reminder, on Deviantart we're running a contest with a grand prize of custom animation, digital art, a subscription (or USD equivalent), a custom acrylic charm, and a feature here on the blog. We've had some great entries so far, but it's not too late to enter. The Deadline is 12/25.

Thank you all for your continued support, and Yesenia and I hope all of our readers have a great holiday.
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