Progress since Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone!
This is Yesenia. Today’s post is an update on our progress so far.

We will be going over 3 things: Our progress with the art that will be appearing in the character section of the Taffetas pitch book, an overview of some of the lectures we have gone to in the last couple of weeks, and a small reminder for anyone interested to join our Taffetas Winter Contest.

Our Latest Progress
We are getting closer to completing Veil’s final character poses and working towards hitting key expressions that we feel exemplify him and provide a nice contrast to our hero, Gemini.
Although Tracy is almost done, she may redo some pieces
in order to get the best out of her artwork. Afterwards I will tighten out the layout.

We are almost there though!
After Tracy completes Veil she will be focusing on Elena and I will continue to vector what Tracy draws and push our style.

Tracy and I try to hit every forum, meeting, and lecture series we can if it can benefit our pitching or storytelling abilities. We try to soak up as much information possible.

Lucky for us, both our jobs at Hallmark and the growing entrepreneurial focus in Kansas City gives us a lot of opportunities to learn from people with professional experience. One of the most rewarding experiences in doing the Taffetas project is the amount of support we get. There is always a fear when talking about our project that someone is going to one day listen to us, stew for a bit, then flip over a table and tell us to never show our faces again.
please, please ... let that not happen.

But enough about that, here are some of the key panels we went to that give us a much better understanding into what we need to keep in mind when finishing our pitch bible and telling our story.
  • KC Digital Storytelling
    The Kansas City Digital Storytelling Forum focused largely on the aspect of “what is digital storytelling,” What is the future of digital storytelling in Kansas City, and how is the Internet is shaping who gets to produce content.
  • ABC presentation on pitching and marketing
    This lecture was a very informative talk on what happens after you send in your pitch to a big studio. While both Tracy are not brand new to pitching, it went beyond things you should have in your book and into a first hand account of what an executive at a major television distributor has to deal with once a pitch is successful.
    It explained how many pitches ABC alone receives and largely where they come from, what they are looking for when accepting a pitch, and what credentials are important.
  • Screenwriting Overview
    Tracy and I are artists, not writers, but we have a story we want to share with people. If you are anything like us, the best advice I can give is to really study writing.
    Screenwriters tell stories in a specific way, and this workshop discussed some basic ideas and concepts about the format of your average movie plot.

The Taffetas Winter Contest.
I’d like to remind our readers not to forget about our winter contest, where you can win a DA subscription (or USD equivalent), art, animation, and acrylic charms from Tracy and I.

The Early Bird deadline is approaching on December 17 - less than 2 weeks away! - and the final deadline on the 25th, so don’t forget!

Stay tuned 
We always appreciate support and comments, so don't feel shy to share your thoughts through our blog, facebook, tumblr, or e-mail, especially if you have questions. I look forward to our continued progress and hearing from you all along the way.
Thanks everyone!
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