Taffetas Winter Contest & Update

Hello Everyone!
This is Yesenia, and today’s post is about our first Taffetas Contest as well as a small update with our progress so far.

Our progress with concept art:
In our last post, Tracy and I were just finishing the final renders for Gemini.

Since last update, I’ve completed the expression sheet in our new vector style (before lighting effects), and now that we have a final “look” decided on Tracy can begin the test animation (similar to her old blink-animation tests), so we can make sure it looks good on paper and the screen.

In the meantime Tracy and I are working on Veil, as well!

He’s always so much harder to draw … It’s that nose

Taffetas Winter Contest:
Since it’s getting close to the holiday season, Tracy and I pulled a little bit of money together for a winter contest. It will be officially held on Deviant Art, but anyone can enter.

The Contest
Draw, craft or write a winter themed scenario involving one or more of our characters from The Taffetas.

We will judge the work based on originality, creativity, technique, and staying true to our characters.

Entries accepted no later than Monday, December 24th 1:00am EST through our Tumblr, Facebook, or Deviant Art. Winners will be announced no later than December 31st.

The Prizes
  • Early Bird Prize – 2 randomly chosen entries completed before Dec. 17th will be awarded a hand-crafted wood charm pendant necklace or broach* sent to you via mail (Winning this does not exempt you from any other prize, so it is possible you might be Early bird winner & Grand Prize winner).
  • Grand Prize – A piece that Yesenia and I judge to be the grand prize will win a year subscrption to DA (or USD equivalent via paypal), a handmade acylic or wood ornamant or necklace of your own design (either crafted with Yesenia’s help or as a collaboration), and a short animated gif of a character or characters of your choice in Taffetas style, by Yesenia and Tracy.
  • Popular Winner – Chosen by Deviantart poll. The person with the most votes wins a 3 month subscription to DA, a handmade 2-3inch acylic charm, and a high resolution digital drawing of subject of your choice
  • 2nd Place – A 1 month subscription to deviantart (or USD equivalent via paypal), and a high resolution digital drawing of subject of your choice from either Tracy or Yesenia.
  • 3rd Place – A 1 month subscription (or USD equivalent via paypal)
ALL winning entries will receive a feature on Tracy’s Deviantart, The Taffetas Tumblr, and our production blog.

Charm & pendant sample (engraved acylic and wood), handcrafted by Yesenia:

Tracy's Artwork and Animation: Deviantart | Tumblr
Yesenia's Work: Deviantart | Tumblr

 Rules & Limitations
  • Limit two entries per person
  • Entries must be submitted to our Tumblr, Facebook, or Deviantart pages to be considered (DeviantArt preferred). No entries will be accepted via e-mail or Blogger
  • With the exception of the Early Bird Prize, a person who wins one prize cannot win another
  • However, a person who wins the Early Bird Prize can win another prize
  • Crossovers are allowed only with creator owned original characters and stories
  • Keep it classy. Please represent our story and characters respectfully. Nothing beyond PG-13 work, please!

We will not use your creations for official Taffetas purposes. This contest is for fun only!
There will be no refunds or re-dos of contest prizes.

Keep Up-to-date with the contest via Tracy’s Deviantart Journal. We’ll be updating it in a timely manner with FAQ and links to the submissions as they come up there.
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