Gemini Concepts

Gemini is a bubbly Atlantean who lives most of her life sheltered at sea until an accident causes her ship to sink. 

Now landlocked, she is determined to start a new life, but is unwilling to take the responsibility that comes with it. Her immaturity and devil-may-care attitude often gets her in a lot of trouble as she struggles to make it on her own.

Hello Everyone! Tracy Writing.
Here are the concept drawings of Gemini, our leading lady, for the upcoming pitch book. These images were a long time coming!

 I tweaked what we already have for her, keeping in mind to make her look a little younger. I tried to express who I think she is in each image.

The ultimate goal here is to have her (and all the characters) stand out as their own unique shape and silhouette.

A quick thumbnail rough of what general shapes Yesenia and I hope to get out of our characters.

The images I'm making will be used for our pitch book, put together by Yesenia:

We will also vector most the images ala Taffetas style for the final result. I go this far with my usual line-and-cel-shading rendering in order to have the images as clean as possible for Yesenia and I to vector, though I think I may start rendering out just very clean sketch lines instead since I feel these drawings look too final, and they take a little longer.

Next up is Veil! Don't forget to keep an eye on our new tumblr for updates and sketches, and feel free to tell me what you think in our comments below or on our facebook page.
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