The Taffetas Tumblr

Hello Everyone!


You can find us at
There was such a positive response that we had to make one right away. As time goes on, small design changes will be made to the page, but for now both Tracy and I are just looking forward to making posts!
Hey girl, hey~!

What we hope for our Tumblr:
Tracy and I both want our tumblr to serve as an informal art tumblog where we will update with sketches and pieces you might not see on Facebook or here on our production blog. We want to interact with you all, reblog, comment, and have fun geeking about our project-in-progress.

While it is mostly a sketch tumblr to supplement our updates here, we will also link to this blogger whenever there's a regular update in order for people to follow us easier.

Stay tuned
We always appreciate support and comments, so don't feel shy to share your thoughts through our blog, facebook, or e-mail, AND our new Tumblr, especially if you have questions. I look forward to our continued progress and hearing from you all along the way.

Thanks everyone!
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