Season Synopsis & Blog Update

Hello Everyone! Tracy MacLauchlan, co-creator here. Today is a very special post- the last of our pitch book writing, and some very awesome new features to our blog.

Season Synopsis
For the past few months, as you all with us for a while know, Yesenia and I revamped our concept for The Taffetas with the intention to change our story to something closer to our hearts, find the point- the reason- we wanted to tell this story, and to make it more marketable, despite our niche. We did a lot of research, brainstorming, and maybe a little bit of crying, but it feels great to have the new version of our story done, and written out for our pitch!

We took into consideration your thoughtful comments on our setting paragraph from last post and will fix the errors you all found. Meanwhile, please feel free to critique our last bit of writing, the season synopsis here on the blog, through e-mail, or on our facebook. These will come after our season 01 episode synopsis.

Season 01
Gemini, a bubbly Atlantean, lives a sheltered and lonely existence at sea until a shipwreck leaves her landlocked in a city filled with mythological folk. Determined to start a new life, she takes up a half-hearted offer to move into the apartment of her uptight, frustrating and undead crush Veil Taffeta, a passenger from her ship’s last ride. However, determination alone may not be enough to get her new life in motion. Dangers lurk around every corner, and in a world where fantasy is reality, a girl can fall into a lot a trouble.

Season 02
Gemini continues to find herself in sticky situations as she tries to adjust to the quirks of the city she lives in, but now more difficult obstacles threaten the new life she has made for herself. Though her romantic relationship with Veil blossoms throughout their shared misadventures, free-spirited Gemini is afraid of the commitment, and the appearance of Veil’s fun-loving stepbrother only complicates things when he and Gemini connect in ways she and Veil do not. With her friends growing close to her enemies, Gemini has a hard time finding someone to confide in, and all the while the secret she has been trying to keep hidden jeopardizes everything she holds dear.

Season 03
Things go from bad to worse when Gemini’s secret, an Atlantean curse, catches up to her just as she learns Veil is thinking about their relationship long-term. Afraid to deal with any of it, she runs away to her homeland. However, Veil shows up on the shores of Atlantis right behind her and saves Gemini from her fate. But it’s far from a happy ending. Questions arise about Veil’s past, though Gemini can barely try to seek the answers as her usual adventures are overshadowed by boiling tensions between her and her boyfriend. Her enemies are back, too, and nastier than ever, and her friends all have their own problems that she gets sucked into.Without her curse, she is free to live the life she wants, but she will have to fight for it now, and hold together the crumbling relationships with the people she loves.

Season 04
Gemini’s relationships with her friends are in a tentative state, and the added complications of drama between her and her ex leaves her feeling melancholy. Though she tries to continue on alone, she misses the way things were in the beginning. Then, when Gemini learns that Veil has been harboring burdens of his own all along, she comes to realize she is not the only one with problems. While still trying to deal with her everyday dilemmas, Gemini must also uncover the guarded secrets of Veil’s family in order to save the one she loves from a mysterious and deadly fate.

Blog Updates
Graphic designer and co-creator Yesenia Carrero updated our blog with some new sharing features. Now, if you really like something on our blog, you can share it via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Stumble Upon, or pin something from our posts on your Pinterest by clicking one of the buttons above the comments!

Yay! Thanks Yesenia!

I will update with our proposed schedule for the upcoming concept art, design, and possible promotion material for our pitch. I'm very happy to get this to stage, and I hope you all will enjoy being a part of the visual creative process too!

I'm so excited I've already been doodling!
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