The Setting Draft 1

 Tracy here! Today I'm uploading our setting description for the pitch book. This is our first public draft and Yesenia and I appreciate any and all feedback in our comments below or through facebook or e-mail!

The Setting

Gemini and Veil live in a modern world much like our own, except Gargoyles, Werefolk, Golems, Elves, and other characters from myth and lore inhabit it to make even the most average day extraordinary.

Queen Mary’s Isle is the growing, melting pot of a city our story takes place in. With characters from all walks of life migrating to its port, it is an eccentric mixed bag of sights, sounds, and places, and never loses its trendy edge.

While our characters frequent their usual spots such as Siren’s Coffee for a quick pick-me-up, or the Golden Apple store to peruse the latest technologies, there are also plenty of offbeat sites to visit too, like antique shops riddled with cursed and magical items, farmer’s markets selling exotic- perhaps dangerous – foods, or even a mysterious faerie circus that travels through once in a while.

Siren's Coffee concept by Marilyn Cole

Feel free to critique the writing, and bear in mind the questions we are asking:
  •  Does it make sense? If not, what can be explained more clearly? 
  • How is the grammar, puncuation, etc?
  • Is it concise enough? 
  • Is it exciting/compelling enough?
What's Next
We're running a little behind on our season 02-04 synopsis, but Yesenia and I will have those next update for critique as well as a revised version of this description based on everyone's feedback! Thank you all again for your support as we wrap up the remaining writing of our pitch.
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