Character Bios

Tracy here! Today Co-creator Yesenia and I are posting our new character bios for the pitch and providing an edited update on what is to come.

Character Bios
Gemini is a bubbly Atlantean who has lived most of her life sheltered at sea until an accident causes her ship to sink. Now landlocked, she is determined to start a new life, but is unwilling to take the responsibility that comes with it. Her immaturity and devil-may-care attitude often finds her in a lot of trouble as she struggles to make it on her own.

Veil is Gemini’s secret crush who reluctantly offers her a place to stay after her shipwreck. He enjoys her company for the change-of-pace she provides; however, being uptight and all about appearances, he stresses to keep Gemini out of trouble…only to get pulled into her problems.

Sapphire is Gemini’s best friend (and sometimes worst enemy). She's a cool, confident Gargoyless who acts as a love guru, even though she can't hold down a half-decent relationship herself.

Wolf is an artistic werewolf renting a room in Sapphire’s house. He can be strange and a bit gross, especially when his canine instincts take over, but Gemini befriends him through their mutual love of baking.

Sapphire’s cousin who loves three things: gossip, drama, and himself. Crow targets Gemini as prey because of a past skirmish that he won’t let go.


Elena is an awkward young Siren who works as a waitress in Veil’s favorite coffee shop. What she lacks in people skills, she plans to make up for with her budding powers of persuasion.

Tom is a geeky, anti-conservation sunflower and single father of three. He is Veil’s co-worker and only friend, and on occasion acts as a mentor to Gemini and Veil.

Eschewal is Veil’s coddled older stepbrother who makes a living as a journalist and social activist. Cute, adventurous, and everything Veil is not, he and Gemini make quite the pair – and he knows it.

Veil’s miserable father, Gabardine Taffeta, has a chip on his shoulder about Atlanteans and a vocal disdain for Veil, both of which he believes are deeply connected to his late wife’s untimely death.

A fierce cat Goddess and captain of Gemini’s old ship, Midnight picked up an orphaned 11-year-old Gemini from the docks of Atlantis and taught her everything she knows. While she appreciates Gemini’s attempt at an independent life, she has little faith for her surrogate daughter and would rather see her back at sea.

We want our writing to be succinct but engaging. Our thoughts are: what is the main point of each character and what conflict or contributions do they bring to the story? What will help spark the imagination of readers of all the possible character interactions? 

If you have any thoughts on these bios, please feel to write us here on the blog, our facebook, or e-mail.

What's Next
Last post, Yesenia mentioned that after our character bios, it’s immediately on to designing the layout of the pitch book and drawing concepts of the characters. And that's true. However, there is still a small amount of writing to do beforehand.


Mainly: we have to describe their setting/world in a short paragraph and convert the rest of our outline into seasons 2-4 synopsis to follow our season 1 episodes. After that, it's the pitch book layout and concept art. I promise.

For the Next Update
We are going to post both our world’s description and our season outlines for critique.

As always, we appreciate your support and feedback along the way!
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