Latest Update May 23, 2011

Hello Everyone!
This is co-creator Yesenia Carrero.
Last post, Tracy and I updated with our second draft of the season 1 episode synopsis for our pitch, and rather than update with our newest draft, we decided this week’s post would be better served letting everyone know what we plan for the next coming weeks.

Every update we come closer to finishing the written potion of our pitch and starting what Tracy and I like to refer to as “The Fun Part” – all the art and animation that will complete The Taffetas pitch package.

So for the Next Update
Tracy and I will post our new character bios for the pitch, which include the characters that appear most often in the season 01 episode synopsis, as well as a few others we think important to the series as a whole.

After, I am going to re-design the layout of our physical pitch book, so we know what kind of illustrations we need and dimensions that we need them in.

While I work on the pitch book, Tracy is going to work on designing rest of the Taffetas cast of characters.

If you watch Tracy’s personal art blog, you can see a lot of the exploratory work she has been doing to develop some of the side characters. You’ll of course see more once she can focus on that aspect to the pitch.

… And Finally,
Once our pitch book is wrapped up, I will create our new pitch website, and fix some errors we found on the Facebook.

Then it’s on to an even scarier mountain to climb- producing animation and actually pitching!

For all of you that has cheered us on while we continue to work on our project, Thank you, and as always if you have any comments, suggestions, or critiques please feel free to comment on our blog, Facebook, or email us at
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