Season 1 Synopsis Draft II

Tracy here. Thank you all for your feedback on our first public draft of the Season 1 episode synopsis. I'm happy the response was positive for the story and that critiques were constructive and thoughtful. Your input is invaluable!

Yesenia and I read every comment and e-mail, and we found these major things to update:
    •  More Veil. This was the most common suggestion.
    • More Veil/Gemini interaction to build up to the ending
Our plan of attack is as such:
  • Rewrite a few descriptions to make Veil's presence more clear
  • Add three new episodes solely about Veil and Gemini
  • Rearrange some of the episodes
  • General writing fixes and tweaks
We added three new episodes and rearranged things. We will update the descriptions this coming week and tidy up the rest of the writing.

 The new episodes are highlighted green:

Gemini, a bubbly Atlantean, lives a sheltered and lonely existence at sea until a shipwreck leaves her landlocked in a city filled with mythological folk. Determined to start a new life, she takes up a half-hearted offer to move into the apartment of her uptight, frustrating and undead crush Veil Taffeta, a passenger from her ship’s last ride. However, determination alone may not be enough to get her new life in motion. Dangers lurk around every corner, and in a world where fantasy is reality, a girl can fall into a lot a trouble . . .

The Great Barley & Bay-Lily Circus
Gemini wants to go to a mysterious circus traveling through the city despite Veil trying to keep her focused on finding a job. When Gemini decides to go anyway, she is lured into participating in “their most infamous act never revealed to guests prior”, a ploy by the fae who run the ruse of a circus to get her to step into a Fairy Ring, a ring of mushrooms which traps its participants into dancing in a reverie of their desires until they die of exhaustion. Even though Veil manages to save her and get her home, Gemini is compelled to return to the ring. When she makes a second, conscious attempt to enter the trap, Veil becomes infuriated with her impulsive immaturity and tells her off. In a fit of emotion, Gemini accidentally pushes Veil into the ring.

The Great Barley & Bay-Lily Circus - Part 2
Time is running out before the Great Barley & Bay-Lily Circus disappears, and Gemini has no one to turn to for help. In desperation, she enters the ring herself, and must weave through Veil’s maze-like ballroom dream and also battle her own desire to accept the reverie over reality in order to save him. When she succeeds, she vows to take her goal of building a new life more seriously.

To Give a Kappa A Cucumber
Veil finds Gemini wandering in a bad part of town after she failed to show up at a rendezvous point. Veil confronts her about her naivety and tries to convince her to be more careful after realizing she has been conned by a few trickster gods in her time away from him. Suddenly, noticing that they are being followed by a Kappa, a creepy and malicious Japanese water demon, Veil attempts to steer the two out of danger. However, Gemini, oblivious to the stalker, decides to try to convince Veil to expand out from his boring routine by forcing him to join her in exploring the city. Her random stops to various shops help deter the stalker, and in the end, her naivety saves them both when she offers the kappa a cucumber, this water demon’s favorite treat, and successfully distracts it. Veil takes her home, and Gemini never knows the danger she was in.

The Secret Room
Gemini tries to hide her curiosity about Veil, but it becomes difficult when he constantly refuses to unwind. The two have no time to discuss the matter when they discover his guest bathroom suddenly has a curse placed on it by a trickster god Gemini made acquaintance with while exploring. The curse makes the only working bathroom the one attached to Veil’s bedroom, which was previously kept locked to her. Gemini quickly finds an excuse to use the lavatory, really a cover so she can snoop. All the while, as Veil tries to deal with the curse, he starts to freak out more and more when he finds that Gemini destroyed his personal-study-turned-makeshift-guest-bedroom and has strewn about her over some of his prized posessions. Before tensions reach their boiling point between the two Gemini makes a surprising discovery about Veil.

Veil and Gemini watch an unnerving television special on the Chupacabra, a horrifying creature said to prey on livestock for blood, whose existence in their world is still debated. Later that night, Gemini can’t sleep from the fear that the beast might be real – and lurking in their apartment. Things get out of hand when she convinces usually rational Veil of the possibility of a Chupacabra hunting them. The two feed off each others’ anxiety as strange noises and odd occurrences in the apartment escalate. They decide to take their home back and protect their own lives by teaming up to drive the monster into the open for attack. The only flaw in that plan is the Chupacabra never existed in the first place, or at least in Veil’s apartment. When dawn comes, the two realize their embarrassing mistake.

The Aquarium
When an aquarium opens up just outside of Veil’s work, Gemini leaps at the offer to check it out with him during his lunch break. However, she finds it hard to enjoy herself when Veil invites some of his co-workers, which get in the way of her alone time with him.

Veering away from the crowd, Gemini spots a man trying to free one of the seals from the tank. She learns the man is in love with the creature, really a selkie, a seal-like being with the ability to turn into a human, and wants to help her return to the ocean.

Moved by his love for the selkie, Gemini helps the man free the seal, but lands herself in trouble with authorities, and Veil must bail her out in front of his co-workers. Luckily, Veil’s friend Tom from legal proves helpful in clearing the girl’s name, and Gemini finally gets her alone time with Veil in the aquarium.

While job searching, Gemini makes a possible friend with cool, beautiful Sapphire, a fiercely independent gargoyless. She is elated when she is invited to Sapphire’s home for dinner and even more excited when the many residents of Sapphire’s house – such as wolf, a laid-back werewolf, and Sapphire’s many cousins who bum there, take a liking to her. However, she finds that Crow, an old enemy from her life at sea who knows a dark secret of Gemini’s, is one of Sapphire’s cousins. Through a series of misunderstandings and Crow’s testimony, Gemini loses favor with the Sapphire and the rest of her household.

At Siren’s Coffee
Veil shows Gemini around the city to try to cheer her up about the incident at Sapphire’s house. It works, until he leads her into Siren’s Coffee, a coffee shop run by sirens, and Sapphire and Crow are there.

Desperate to win back Sapphire’s favor, Gemini spends the rest of their time trying to impress and persuade Sapphire- talking like her, getting the same order and drinking same drink as her…only to drink caffeine, a drug Gemini is overly sensitive to, and causes a ruckus for herself and Veil, who hates public embarrassment. Sapphire’s feelings for Gemini have not changed in the end, but Veil reveals that he thinks he and Gemini are friends, and Gemini realizes she was ignoring Veil the whole time.

Cake Off
Gemini and Wolf, an artistic dog headed werewolf, join forces to take on a series of cake-making contests. Veil starts to disapprove when the competitions distracts Gemini from her job search. However after winning second place in the competition, Gemini ends up finding a job at a bakery.

Lighter than a Feather
In order to keep her new job, Gemini must get some papers cleared at the DMV, which in this world runs like the Egyptian Afterlife. Unfortunately, Gemini never had the chance to resolve her earlier blunder with Veil and is unsure whether he is still holding a grudge.

While Gemini is comically pulled from one office and line to the other, she finds it hard to get a moment to talk with Veil. Finally, Gemini is put in front of Anubis, and must have her heart weighed against a feather in order to get her permit. Her heart is heavy as a rock. Anubis knowingly mentions that she has a lot of dark secrets, and denies her papers. The stress of having no job, friends, having Veil mad at her, and knowing her heart is heavy causes Gemini to burst out crying.

Nightfall in the City
When Gemini is gone all day without telling Veil where she is, she returns home to a fight with him over her safety. Feeling stifled and controlled, she storms off again into the city, where she finds Sapphire and Wolf searching for Sapphire’s gentle and naive cousin, Daisy, who never returned home the night before. After reluctantly asking for Gemini’s help, they try to retrace Daisy’s steps. The search lasts all day and eventually into the night, where a full moon begins to rise.

His instincts growing stronger with the full moon, Wolf senses a foreign animal in the city - a deer - and gives chase. When he injures it on instinct, it is revealed that the deer was Daisy, cursed to live her nights as a fawn rather than to spend them with Wolf, her secret love.

Best Served Cold
Coyote, a new hire, plays tricks on Veil to boost his popularity at the workplace. When the pranks become increasingly more malicious, Gemini intervenes on Veil’s behalf, but causes Coyote’s attention to turn towards her. Never daunted, Gemini enlists the help of Veil to pull off the worst prank as revenge.

Ladies Night Out
Gemini goes on a ladies night out with Sapphire. The rambunctious gargoyle entices Gemini to try on new clothes, experience new things, and be just a little more bad than she is used to. Unfortunately, Crow, Sapphire’s cousin with a grudge against Gemini, is determined to make the night a complete blunder.

Dinner and a Movie
Veil invites Gemini to a movie after he gets off of work and they both agree to have dinner at a restaurant after. However, Gemini worries if she’s agreed to a date or not and seeks the help of her friend and social guru, Sapphire. As the evening unfolds, Gemini, over-dressed and filled with a lot of not-so-great advice, awkwardly stumbles through the evening, unsure whether or not to make a move.

Mind Over Heart
Gemini begins to fear that Veil finds her more annoying than attractive when she notices he pesters her more than he does anyone else. In her frustration, Gemini slights Elena, a waitress at Siren’s Coffee, who in turn targets Veil, a daily customer, with her powers of persuasion to get even. Elena orders Veil to care only for her. With Veil suddenly paying Gemini no mind, she fears he’s fed up with her, too. However, Veil begins to irk Elena with his over attentive nature and the siren seeks Gemini’s help for an out, and Gemini realizes that Veil liked her all along.

Stigma & Stamen
When Tom’s mother comes to visit, she is pleased to find her son finally settled down with a nice, young girl- really just Gemini in costume, acting the part. The fake marriage between Gemini and his friend begins to irk Veil until he decides to “watch over” Gemini during the ruse by slipping into a costume of his own. After he arrives, Veil reveals his feelings for Gemini with a kiss in front of Tom’s mother.

Lost and Alone
Gemini ventures out of the apartment to get all the groceries she couldn’t convince Veil to buy, but because of her poor sense of direction, quickly gets lost. Determined to make it home without calling Veil, she ambles around the city. Along the way, she sees Midnight, the cat Goddess and captain of the boat she lived on before it crashed. Gemini desperately tries to get the captain’s attention in hopes to reunite with the closest thing she has to family, her old crew from her life at sea. When Gemini finally catches up with Midnight, she learns that that the captain, along with most of the crew, is shipping out that day. Gemini is given an offer to head out with them, but Gemini declines the enticing opportunity. It is then Gemini knows she truly is cutting off all ties to her old life, which wasn’t much of a life to begin with, but finds it hard to be left alone all the same.

This exciting conclusion reveals Gemini’s secret and explores what happened on the boat between Veil and Gemini. Unfortunately, her secret may mean the end of the life she is just starting to gain.
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