Update April 11, 2012

Hello Everyone, 

Tracy here! Today is a quick update on our progress so far.

In our last post, I mentioned that Yesenia and I were writing our episode and season synopsis based on the outline we created some time ago, and we are still completing this part. We have a direction for each season based on our outline that is nearly finalized in addition to episode concepts for our first season. Some ideas are completely new, while other episodes are altered from our first pitch.

The challenge now is that we have to write out everything in a concise, clear manner.

What to Expect
By the next post, Yesenia and I will finish the new revision of our synopsis and seek thoughts from you, our readers, before finalizing. We will also finish some minor edits to our Facebook Fan Page based on critique from our good friend Dana Corrigan of Fate Saga.

In the meantime, if you have created any Taffetas fan content, please let us know either here or on our Facebook if you want your work to be displayed on the gallery page, so we may add it this week.

We appreciate everyone's feedback so far, and highly encourage anyone to contact us through comments here on the blog, e-mail, or facebook.

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