Taffetas : Update 3/28/12

Hello Everyone!

Tracy MacLauchlan writing, co-creator of Taffetas. Today I want to give everyone an overview of our project and its status, as well as some reminders, based on reader comments and questions.

Yesenia and I as minor Taffetas characters... um, working on The Taffetas

So first, Let's talk about you guys

Yesenia and I decided that the overhaul we’re doing is on us for a while, but that’s not to say we’re alone. Although we put a pause on voice acting or volunteer work, you guys, our fans and workers, continue to be part of the team with your comments, critiques, and uplifting support. This project would not be as far as it is without you all. We can’t thank everyone enough. Basically: you guys are awesome
If you worked on The Taffetas
Be sure you are aware of the following:
  • Show it off. Yesenia and I are willing to let you show your work for our past pitch in a portfolio, just credit our project. You can find exact wording of what our project is in our about section on our blog and Facebook for artist’s descriptions and resumes.
  • We can vouch for you. Yesenia and I are more than happy to write recommendations or be a contact for our dedicated workers. Find us on LinkedIn, or feel free to e-mail us.
  • You can advertise yourself here. If you do not have a description and a link to your portfolio on our about us page, you are never too late. Contact us at any time (info@thetaffetaspitch.com) to update or add your bio.

Volunteer Work in the Future
Since we are reworking the story of Taffetas, we are not asking for talent at this time. Keep an eye on our posts and facebook for volunteer openings. We will let everyone know when we need workers.

Fan work
If you drew us a Taffetas fan art, please let us know if we have permission to post your image(s) to our Facebook Fan gallery.

Our Progress

When Yesenia and I set out to do our pitch overhaul, this was our original list of what we needed done. Checks are placed next to the ones we finished:

The Written Pitch 
  • What We Are Trying to Accomplish With Our Story [✓]
  • What Are Story Is & What It Is Not [✓]
  • Story Synopsis [✓]
  • Character Bios
  • Episode Synopsis
  • Why Our Series is Different from all the Rest [✓]

Additional Things
  • Blog updates [✓]
  • Blog Layout and art [✓]
  • The Revival of our official Website
  • Promotional Materials
  • A revamp of our Facebook Page [✓]

Later Additions to the List
  • Research and Development [✓]
  • Consistent bi-weekly posting [✓]
  • Consistant project information [✓]
  • FB Gallery Page for Fans [✓]
  • FB Gallery for official work

We are so close to finishing the written pitch that it's almost scary. We are in the middle of writing the episode synopsis and season synopsis for our pitch based on the outline we posted a while ago. After that, we will finish the rest of the list and then create our pitch book, which includes completely new art and characters to look forward to!

A behind-the-scenes work for a new character

What Taffetas is

Be sure to take a peek at our about us pages on our blog and facebook, as those are updated with the new Taffetas specs, including our story synopsis.

The Story
I think the biggest confusion we get from our supporters who have been with us for a while is what The Taffetas is about.

As I explained in our last progress post, early in our reworking of Taffetas, we found our story needed much more work than we originally thought. Yesenia and I decided to spend several weeks on research, brainstorming, and re-evaluating what kind of a show we wanted to make. You can read the actual story synopsis on our about us pages, and read our outline here on the blog.

The direction of our work shifted from its earlier incarnation about family to the experience of growing up in the real world as a 20-something young girl, with a quirky mythological twist. Our theme is that growing up is like a hero's journey.

The Project
The Taffetas is still a project for an animated series. The project includes a pitch to use for discussions with sponsors and distributor hopefuls, which is the phase we are in now. The second phase, production, we will plan for soon.

Stay tuned

  We always appreciate support and comments, so don't feel shy to share your thoughts through our blog, facebook, or e-mail, especially if you have questions. I look forward to our continued progress and hearing from you all along the way. Thanks everyone!

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