Facebook Page Facelift ... Coming soon

Hello Everyone

It’s me, Yesenia, co-producer of Taffetas and resident graphic designer speaking today about the upcoming edits to The Taffetas Facebook Fan Page. For a while Tracy and I worked non-stop to create all new images and content to better represent our final vision of what The Taffetas is for our Facebook.

It was quite the roller coaster ride, with both Tracy and I feeling the effects of little sleep and a lot of stress near the end. However, a lot was completed in a little time, including:
  • Like Us Landing Page Design*
  • Welcome Page design
  • Fan Art Gallery
  • Profile Pic Illustrations
  • Facebook Wall Strip illustrations
  • Header illustration
  • Edits for current information
*A Landing page is where you go when first visit a FB fan page. Typically you see “Like this page” being reinforced here, or a general introduction. Often times after you have liked the page you go straight to the Fan Page’s Wall

Just when I think the storm has ended we are pulled in another direction

So why the hold up?
Facebook Timelines.

It’s like staring at all that is horrible in the world.

While Facebook timelines is not a new thing for user profiles, it hasn’t caught on to fan pages yet. Since hearsay from blogs and online articles seemed to draw to the conclusion Fan Pages wouldn’t be switching, I didn’t design ahead.

So, I have to admit I wasn’t as excited as others might be to hear fan pages will now integrate Timeline.
(I found this image in our sketches, and realized this was my face the entire day)

After a good long chat, and a lot of candy to ease my frustration, Tracy and I came to the conclusion to adapt our design work and illustration to the dimensions we will need for the Timeline page layout in order to be ready for the March 30th date when all Fan Pages will be forced to make the switch.

We hope to finalize everything and have everything completed by this Sunday, something I am excited for! By using all that the new layout has to offer, The Taffetas Facebook is definitely going to get quite the facelift.

Hopefully it will be something inspiring :D

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