Some Upcoming Facebook Renovations

Hello Everyone!
This is Yesenia, co-producer of The Taffetas. This week I wanted to take a step back from our pitch contents and focus on our upcoming additions to our Facebook.

We have decided to rethink our approach and change it
This update will make our previous layout, which we treated like a mini pitch website, into a more fan-friendly outlet. The reason for the change - we realized that our facebook isn’t a means of pitching, but a means of staying in contact with our supporters. We hope to make it feel less official and bring in a stronger community aspect.
This is our current design - due to change soon

Some of the things you can expect to find in our new Facebook are:
  • All new art, including a brand new profile picture
  • New home page
  • An About Page, Contact Page, and Support page
  • Fan Gallery section
  • Updated information on everything

These updates are in the works and I am excited to unveil them as soon as possible. We would love to hear you opinions on what we can add to the Facebook to make the experience stronger for our supporters.

Please leave a comment below, on our facebook or message us at if you have any suggestions or critiques!
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