The Outline - Part 1

Hello Everyone! Tracy here.

Today I am writing on our story outline and how it relates to the hero’s journey. I have already gone over theme and what the hero’s journey is - so consider this post a sequel (but a good sequel, not one that ruins the experience of the first movie).

Making the Outline
Yesenia and I discussed our story and tried to work out the bare, essential points we want to hit. For this version of the outline, we are not concerned about how we get to these points, only what we want to happen. By doing so, we can more easily fill in the blanks with specific scenes or episode ideas.

Originally, Yesenia and I covered our apartment with sticky notes of all the events, characters, and scenes we wanted to fit into our story in an attempt to organize and make sense of our episodes. It got messy, figuratively and literally.

We realized that we needed to take a step back and simplify. After some time researching and working with our story, we finally created this skeleton for The Taffetas.

The Outline
→ The Starting Point
  • The Hero (Gemini) lives most of her sheltered life on the James W Thompson, a small, independent cruise ship.

→ Call to Adventure
  • The Thompson sinks just off of the harbor of Queen Mary’s Isle, a contemporary city full of fantasy folk from around the world. The small crew on the ship disbands and Gemini is left landlocked and alone for the first time. This is the start of her adventure and our story.

→ Help From Others
  • Left with virtually nothing, Gemini moves in with Veil Taffeta, a stressed passenger from the Thompson’s last ride (… until she can get back on her feet, promise.) o Veil, ever the stickler for rules and staying out of trouble, tries to steer the insatiably curious Gemini from the dangers of the area and its many monsters and mythical characters that inhabit it.

→ Crossing the Threshold
  • Our hero stumbles into many outlandish situations, which are sometimes benign, like baking with werewolves, to downright dangerous, like trying to survive encounters with doppelgangers and monsters.
  • Gemini and Veil’s relationship blossoms through their misadventures together. Infatuation turns to friendship, which turns to love.
  • The relationship becomes serious and Gemini begins to fear the commitment.
  • Her past begins to creep up on her and she believes she is succumbing to a curse her race is prey to.

→ Gaining of “The Amulet”
  • Gemini’s problems catch up to her just when Veil proposes marriage.
  • She flees to Atlantis, her home before she lived on the Thompson, to live out the demonic curse of her people.
  • Veil reluctantly pursues Gemini to bring her back from the curse. During their time on the Island, he helps her gain self-awareness (see: Susan Mackey-Kallis’ hero’s journey from this post).

→ Trials
  • Gemini is no longer tied to her curse and superstitions, and more readily accepts adulthood. She is wiser and more confident in herself.
  • However, unchecked relationship problems between her and Veil reach a boiling point, resulting in tension and distance between the two.
  • Previous villains from their misadventures return with greater depth.
  • All the while, new tests spring up for our hero to face, least of which includes a sudden, desperate kiss from Veil’s stepbrother.

→ Innermost Cave
  • Veil has been harboring burden of his own all along, and Gemini comes to realize she’s not the only one with problems.
  • Gemini must save him from his dead mother (well, not so dead). In doing so, learning selflessness and proving her maturity.

→ The Return
  • Gemini and Veil reconcile

→ Sharing the Prize/Home Again
  • Gemini travels back to Queen Mary’s Isle to tie up loose ends with friends and antagonists.

Where We Go From Here
Yesenia and I will continue to flesh out our outline and fill in the blanks. We will :

1. Rewrite this version with specific scenes we have in mind, breaking it down and bridging some of the gaps.
2. Continue to connect the scenes and add “B” and “C” plots when appropriate.
3. Complete a full season 1 episode synopsis for the pitch, leaving the rest of the outline to explain the possibilities of the later seasons.
4. Finesse and finalize the wording for the pitch

What do you think of our outline so far, our goals, and plan?  As always, please feel encouraged to post your constructive criticisms and comments on our updates, including this one, through our blog, facebook, or e-mail
A big thanks to the talented volunteer illustrators for their amazing work

Jill Dyxhoorn - Queen Mary's Isle Docks

Marilyn Cole - Gemini Baking with Werewolves
Gemma Wilson - Crossing the Threshold
Karen Swartz - The Innermost Cave

And to Dana Corrigan for her help and thoughtful critiques

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