Now on to the Pitch

Hello Everyone!

This is Yesenia Carrero, co-producer of The Taffetas. In our latest blog updates, Tracy and I went over what we learned during our research and pitch revamping so far. We hope that it provided some helpful insight for all of our readers! Now that these posts are over and we moved safely to our new home, we will be updating once every two weeks, on Wednesdays. We are right back to our intended schedule for pitch updates.

In the coming posts, we will write about our progress on the rest of the story revamp and pitch. Our intended short-term goals for the next few weeks are to flesh out our intended story outline, write a season and episode synopsis, and officially announce our characters for the revamp.

Thank you all for your continued interest in The Taffetas as we get closer and closer to production!

Each new comment was like a small gift to us.
Please continue to send your thoughts, comments, art, and support!
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