On the Run

Hello Everyone!

Tracy's post about drawing our characters and tips on anatomy has been postponed until next week! We thank you all for understanding and appreciate your patience.

2011 was a crazy ride for us. We made a lot of progress with the new revamp of the pitch, but while we worked diligently on our project, we also worked very hard to find jobs and stay together.

 The Taffetas is a co-produced production, and in order to continue our progress it is imperative we stay a team. Tracy and I sacrificed and risked a lot these last months for that goal, but luckily:

We both got new careers at Hallmark Cards. Tracy as a multimedia designer/animator and myself as a card designer. 

The Hallmark Headquarters that we are working at is located in Kansas City, MO - quite a ways away from our own homes! Only a little over two weeks ago we looked at apartments, and now we are in the middle of moving everything, unpacking boxes and steering U-hauls- just trying to get things all settled before our first day on the job.

Again, we appreciate your patience as we start our new lives and thank you all for reading!

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