Style Tests and Upcoming Animation Tests

 Hello Everyone! Tracy here. Today's post is an update on my and Yesenia's progress with our concept work and our upcoming animation test!

 That's right. We're making more animated tests! Last year, before Yesenia and I changed our original concept, I created the first mock animations, our "Veil and Gem blinking animations". I'm super excited to see our characters come to life again.

The plan is to create a short, gif-like piece of each main character as I complete the concept work for them. The reason: we want to familiarize ourselves with our work-flow process and to give me some fun, leisure animation to work with. I hope they'll be something for everyone to enjoy, and I'm thinking I will put together a tutorial of my animation process after I have a few Taffetas examples to work with.

It will take me a while to complete, but for now, you can view the rough animatic for Gemini's test on tumblr! It's going to be so cute!

As for our progress with concept art, I'm still working on Veil's drawings, and in the meantime, Yesenia is vectoring the Gemini artwork I completed last update.

Both of us are working to find the final look of our proposed show. Yesenia recently created style tests from my Gemini expression sheet. When we find the style we like best, we can then create final illustrations and assets for our animation tests.

Gemini style tests by co-creator Yesenia Carrero

 So far, I'm liking the test with a few more lines into the final coloring of the work (the middle test by Yesenia) but staying away from over-rending the piece with vector shapes, as in the left test, which is how we've rendered our style in the past.

Animation Effects/Lighting test by me

The lighting effects were always what Yesenia and I wanted for Taffetas, and it's something I can do in Flash or After Effects, so I don't expect to cut that. Yesenia also wants to experiment with the introduction of gradients into the work, which I'm anxious to see too!

I can't wait to share more of our work with you all. 
Thank you for your supportive comments through Tumblr and Deviantart, and don't forget that if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail us, comment here on the blog, or our facebook!


Witch-Boy said...

WOAH, I absolutely ADORE the blinking animations... *___*
If only the final animation was this good in quality. Of course I know you can't do it THAT detailed all the time (like how even Gemini's eyelashes flutters), but I mean all the fluid motion and the flow of motion that is captured so well..
The lighting looks good in my opinion. But 'Im not sure if it'd work well with gradients 8except a few cases maybe.) I say it because I really REALLY adore this blocky-colour style you have, it is just perfect! But if course, it's good to experiment, I could be wrong about that. ^^
It's really exciting to see all the work you put into it and the crae. I'm really excited about this project! X3

Tracy "Tito" Lynn MacLauchlan said...

Witch-Boy: Thank you!! Your comments are always so uplifting.

No doubt when we get to long-form animation stuff, there will more corners cut, especially if it's just me animating. But for now,I'm going make them as good as I can!

I think as far as the gradient, you are right on the nose that they can be tricky to work with and might be too much. I think Yesenia wants to subtly bring them in certain shapes but not in others. We'll continue to experiment just to see!

:> Thank you again for the nice comment! We wouldn't have as much inspiration without people like you who follow and support us throughout the process!

Dana Corrigan said...

First off, YAY regarding the animation tests! I can’t wait to see the Taffetas cast in motion! You had mentioned creating a short, gif-like piece of each main character, which got me to thinking that perhaps you could make them available as icons eventually, as well? That way fans could have the option of using them as avatars and it could be a free way to advertise for you?

Also, tutorials for your animation process once you have the work-flow process figured out sounds great! Fans and animation enthusiasts alike will love it!

For the Gemini style tests, I like the one on the far left but I agree that while it looks gorgeous for concept art, it would take a lot more time to animate. The simplier shadowing you have under the “Animation Effects/Lighting test” look great, and I assume all of the lighting animation would be handled in After Effects/Flash, so it should take less time than animating the highlights/shadows frame-by-frame.

Everything is looking fantastic and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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